What is a Memory Café?

  • A safe, supportive social environment
  • helping people live well with dementia
  • Refreshments, including fresh fruit and cake, are provided

 We aim to provide:

  • somewhere people with memory loss feel welcomed and valued
  • cognitively stimulating activities which are age appropriate and ‘failure-free’
  • opportunities to make new friends and talk over concerns
  • Reminiscence therapy, an effective and enjoyable way to connect with a person who lives with  dementia, helping them manage some of the more distressing symptoms of the illness.

We are not a creche!

  • If the person attending normally lives an independent life then they are welcome to attend independantly.
  • However if they require care at home, then the carer should attend with the person.

What users say

  • "Thank you, I have enjoyed the afternoon. What a friendly group." (visitor)
  • ‘it is fun, you don’t have to worry what others think’ (client)
  • 'My husband has settled in so quickly. We will be back!" (carer)
  • "I come in with a stranger and go home with my husband" (carer)
  • "My wife start looking forward to coming a couple of days before and is still talking about it for days afterwards." (carer)

How to get here
  • Darrens Cars

    Local, reliable and helpful.
    Ring 01579 556 141 to book your ride.

  • City Bus

    Find the times of the next bus.

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